The Acupuncture Internship Program offers a unique learning experience for students to become professional and compassionate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM ) acupuncturists.

This program offers fundamental and practical skills that reinforces what they learned in college.

Students have the opportunity to work as a pre-doctor of TCM in a clinical setting with real patients. Usually students need to pay for an internship, but in these program students are actively practicing and therefore receive compensation. Students need this program to learn how to discipline themselves, how to use their knowledge effectively and to become professional. Thus, every student is welcome to join this internship program. The earlier students start joining as an intern, the more experienced and prepared they will become as a professional TCM doctor.

Internship Objectives:

  1. Care for patients:
    • Provide a clean environment
    • Ensure patients’ safety and comfort
    • Refrain from disclosing confidential information
    • Listen and be compassionate to patients’ concerns
  2. Become professional:
    • Build a healthy relationship with co-workers
    • Focus on patients’ conditions and not on unimportant matters
    • Gain confidence and experience
    • Observe how to communicate effectively with patients and co-workers
  3. Apply knowledge into practice:
    • Apply knowledge and skills based on TCM concepts only.
    • Pulse and tongue diagnosis
    • Develop palpation skills
    • Practice cupping and massage skills

Dr. Gui Chao Wu’s Personal Journey:

After graduating from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, he immigrated to Toronto, Canada. His sponsor provided him with excellent living conditions and a suitable clinic without additional costs and received a basic salary. As this was his first venture, he was unable to thrive in this environment and made the decision to move to Los Angeles, USA to continue his TCM acupuncture career. He earned his

California, USA acupuncturist license and worked under the guidance of a former physician and head of the Acupuncture department in a hospital in China. Although he gained a different experience in the United States, he was still unable to expand his potential and growth, so he moved to Calgary. He identified a strong gap between knowledge gained through schooling and applying that knowledge as a professional doctor. This resulted in the development of the Acupuncture Internship Program to prepare students to remove the challenges he had to face.

Students’ Internship Testimonials:

Working with Dr. Gui Chao Wu has rapidly sped up my confidence when working in clinical setting.

Dr. Wu gets multiple patients a day with various backgrounds, he has had exceptional bedside manner with everyone of them and educates the patient which confirms your diagnosis as well and enhances your confidence as an acupuncturist.

Dr. Wu imparts positive energy on his associates, clients and staff around him and understands the importance of boundaries. He is very open minded and patient. Its important to know where to draw lines in conversation with patients, Dr. Wu exudes the wisdom that of a true Doctor – He imparts compassion and education but never trying to encroach on the patient’s path even in the most difficult of situations and conditions.

Working with Dr. Gui Chao Wu will definitely set you up for success as you aim to develop your own sense of your own practice. He stops at none other then in the name of healing.

Thank you !
May 17, 2024

Working with Dr. Gui Chao Wu is a perfect way to learn and enrich your TCM knowledge in an observation manner. Without any stress or pressure from Dr. Wu I have assisted the whole process of meeting patient, treating them and following their progress. The big diversity of cases and possibility to investigate the medical history of each patient makes this process especially interesting, deep and valuable.

Thank you, Dr. Gui Chao Wu, for being kind and great teacher, and such a wonderful practitioner!

Dec 18, 2023

I will go to the clinics to start my acupuncture career from September. I would like to thank Dr. Gui Chao Wu for giving me this wonderful acupuncture internship opportunity in my studying period.

I have learned many important things during practice with Dr. Gui Chao Wu, I saw many clinical cases, I learned how to communicate and treat clients effectively, how to keep good relationships with clients and keep boundaries, I understood the importance of safety and cleanness in practice… What I see in Dr. Wu is professionalism.

You, Dr. Gui Chao Wu helped me bridge the gap between study and practice, I think I will start my career with confidence. If possible, I am willing to continue practising with you…


Aug 31, 2023

Dr. Gui Chao Wu’s Acupuncture Internship Program has been, in my opinion, transformative. Over the past year I have had the opportunity to experience firsthand what it’s like to work in a busy clinic with a doctor in high demand.

I have witnessed Dr. Wu expertly manage his schedule while giving each patient the best possible treatment; all while maintaining excellent bed-side manner and somehow still having a gentle demeanor and the patience to answer all my questions at the end of the day.

The program can be challenging but those are the building blocks you need to develop your own skill set to set you up for a success. In fact, Dr. Wu’s Internship has been a game changer for me. It has built my confidence up from a tentative new graduate and turned me into a confident and passionate Acupuncturist at the beginning of a promising new career.

Dr. Gui Chao Wu’s Acupuncture Internship Program is for anyone looking for that extra edge to take them to the next level in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.


Jul 29, 2023

I have been interning with Dr. Gui Chao Wu since the beginning of my first year of acupuncture school. This was a great programme to support my studies, I was able to understand and apply the knowledge from the classroom in a clinical setting. I feel privileged to have been able to be in a clinical setting so early in the acupuncture programme.

Dr. Gui Chao Wu is patient and very clear about his expectations. He has many patients from various walks of life and with various issues and concerns and he is very successful at treating them, which is inspiring for me to see as a first-year student.

I highly recommend the Acupuncture Internship to all students of acupuncture.

Jul 26, 2023

I am a student in CCTCMA. I have just completed my acupuncture program and passed all the examinations required for registered acupuncturists in October, 2022. I am now eligible to be registered as an acupuncturist, but I cannot start my business right now. Because currently I am taking a massage course at CCTCMA. As a mother who needs to take care of two children alone, I want to concentrate on massage studies, but I also don't want to neglect my acupuncture knowledge. What should I do?

One day I learned about Dr. Gui Chao Wu's acupuncture internship program by chance and found that’s really good for me. Time schedule is flexible. Dr. Wu schedules my shifts according to my daily routine. I can be there once or twice a week, so I can not only have the chance to consolidate my acupuncture knowledge, but also have the opportunity to follow Dr. Wu to learn Chinese medicine science systematically. Following Dr. Wu, I can learn Chinese medicine skills such as pulse diagnosis and tongue diagnosis directly and intuitively through a lot of cases.

I think this is really a good program, it helps me to accumulate experience and construct my confidence about acupuncture in my future business.

Thanks Dr. Gui Chao Wu, to supply the acupuncture internship program, such an amazing opportunity to me.

Dec 26, 2022

I have been working with Dr. Wu since May 2016. When I first started, I was shadowing Dr. Wu for a while but eventually started treating the patients alongside him (not including the needling part, of course). I used to make a lot of mistakes at the start, but with Dr. Wu’s patience and guidance, I was able to correct them. I always keep in mind Dr. Wu’s words: “You have the knowledge and this program is to help you how to apply the knowledge.” This belief of Dr. Wu was based on Professor Cheng Kai’s concept:“You have to know that you have the knowledge and you must also know how apply that knowledge”. I believe that these words best describe the internship program. If I were to compare my skills from a year ago – from communicating with patients to my cupping skills – to the skills I have developed since, I am confident enough to say that I know how to apply my skills a lot more effectively now.

I joined Dr. Wu’s Acupuncturist Internship Program in March 2017 when I had absolutely no idea of what a TCM acupuncturist’s life was like, how the traditional TCM methods of diagnosis were performed, how the communication and treatment was supposed to be done, etc. I mean, we are learning all these theories at school, but we don’t really know how they work in real clinical settings.

I was thinking about these all the time before I was lucky enough to be accepted by Dr. Wu as an intern for this program. Observing Dr. Wu’s professional way of treating and taking care of patients makes me feel more enthusiastic about Traditional Chinese Medicine. I enjoy being in the clinic environment very much. Each time I come, I can always learn something new or learn something from the mistakes I make here. Sometimes I don’t even realize what I do is improper, but Dr. Wu always nicely reminds me and encourages me. I can tell that I am getting better in many aspects, which helps me tremendously to build up my confidence.

Right now I am on my third year of study and I feel so much at ease with myself and my treatments for patients thanks for all the expertise I have at Dr. Wu’s clinic. This program is definitely preparing me for my future career as a TCM acupuncturist. Thank you, Dr. Wu!

Acupuncture Internship program provided by Dr. Wu has being a great journey full of experiences, observation and hands on practice. In this internship program I found the opportunities to have exposure early into the practice of and Acupuncturist and a sense of how clinic settings work was abundant and greatly useful. This program is applicable to any Acupuncturist candidates as this helps to really engage in our abilities of what we learned and apply them into practice, this is one of the utmost valuable factor in any internship program which this has a very solid intuitive on. During these few months of my practice I have been opened to cooperation during a busy environment and being more familiar with procedures that guide us into our safe and clean working habits. Overall my sincere impression and thoughts is that this will really help us train, becoming more comfortable and capable of being well practiced Acupuncturists in the future.